Los sonidos del silencio letra en español

The sound of silence lyrics pronunciation

«Songs are not just what the words say, but what the melody and the sound say. If you don’t have a correct, singable melody, it doesn’t matter what you have to say, because people won’t listen to it,» he said.

Paul Simon is the lyricist of the song, which he composed between 1963 and 1964. From there they got a contract with Columbia, and recorded, at first, in the label’s studios, their debut album, entitled Wednesday Morning, 3 am.

The song, with a clear folk tone, was released -with the rest of the album- in October 1964, but it had no repercussion (it barely sold 3,000 copies), so Paul Simon left for London and Art Garfunkel decided to continue with his university education.

Months later, The sound of silence begins to be played on radio stations in Massachusetts and Florida, so the producer of the song, Tom Wilson, turns to another producer, Bob Johnston, to give new life to the song. And they succeed! However, they do it behind the authors’ backs, something they would not forgive them, despite their success.

What does the song The Sounds of Silence say?

Meaning of The Sound of silence

Specifically, the song speaks of silence as a cancer and comes to defend that problems can only be solved without hiding and with honesty. Showing one’s face. «Songs are not only what the words say, but what the melody and the sound say.

Who sings the sound of silence in Spanish?

Über 2 weitere ansehen

No Sound Without Silence is the fourth studio album by Irish band The Script. The album was released on September 12, 2014 in Ireland by Columbia Records, and three days later in the UK. This is the band’s first major release under the label, after releasing their previous three albums with Phonogenic Records in Europe and Epic in the United States. Much of the album was recorded between 2012 and 2013 during the 3 World Tour, the tour for the previous album. This has been described as the band’s debut album, much better than the previous one and preceded by a very popular single, Superhéroes, released on July 22, 2014.

«Superheroes» was the first full song to be heard from the album, premiered simultaneously on Capital FM and BBC Radio 1’s The Radio 1 Breakfast Show channel on July 21, 2014. [18][19] It was released as a promo for Contemporary hit radio in the United States on July 28, 2014,[20] and was released as the band’s twelfth single in the United Kingdom on August 31, 2014.[21] In addition, the song «Hail Rain or Sunshine» was used in the first scene of the Irish comedy Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie.

The sound of silence

And I’ve already said that the times I’ve made records like this, I’ve been on tour working with them. Otherwise, no, because I’ve never been a fan of doing this. It can be bad for you. I tell you something. You make the record and then all the others learn from what you… you have some inspirations and then the others learn from them.

I have never liked to play, just to (????). But of course, I say: to play bulerías for that guy, I have to do something for him every time. Anyway, I made some falsetas and then when I went to (????) what formed the falsetas. So I improvised them, I improvised them there.

-Siguiriyero has been the one who has transmitted the most of all. The one who has touched the soul the most of all those who have sung siguiriyas has been Manuel Torre. Manuel Torre sang the cantes de Jerez. Not the cantes de Triana, cantes de Jerez. But, my friend, he sang them in a way… that transmitted more… so much voice he had and expressed and the soul he put into them. But he wasn’t long, he wasn’t long singing. Tomás was long.

Musiconios the sounds of silence

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