Canciones para hacer un video para mi novio

Daddy Yankee ft. Sech- Para Siempre (Official Video)

With these women’s songs, you end up captivated not only by the power and sweetness of the voices, but also by the lyrics full of romance, of feelings that try to put into words how strong love is.

Love movies, in whatever language they are in, awaken real emotions and feelings, and their songs even more so! To dedicate or listen to as a couple, you will love this list with 50 romantic movie songs in English.

TikTok is one of the most used networks for uploading videos. When an audio or song goes viral, it gets thousands of people to put their eyes on the videos that use them. Therefore, here we tell you which are the viral songs of the moment.

Wedding cards are the first approach with the guests and the best news to receive. Therefore, you have to choose with dedication and love what phrases to include in the wedding invitations. 100 perfect phrases for cards.

What is the most beautiful love song in the world?

Without a doubt, I Will Always Love You is the most famous love song in the world. Part of the soundtrack of the movie The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston’s song was originally performed by Dolly Parton in 1974 before her version in 1992, which was much more successful.

How to show off my boyfriend on Instagram?

Nothing more romantic than a kiss on the hand. Anywhere is a good place to take beautiful pictures. Shake off your embarrassment and take some new selfies. They will give you amazing memories.

Which song represents love?

I will always love you (Whitney Houston) A classic of romantic songs, Whitney Houston tells us about an immortal love that, nevertheless, must face its end.

Río Roma – Today is a Good Day

There are couples who declare all the love they feel with their eyes. In addition, they love cheesy details, they give each other gifts with any pretext and at any opportunity they show their love. If you identify with this description, you will surely find here the perfect song to dedicate to your partner.

If dancing is a must in your life, what better way to tell your partner everything you feel to the rhythm of a moving song. Do not be afraid if you do not master the choreography to perfection, the moment will be unforgettable. You can surprise her in a ballroom or in the privacy of your home.

If you are an ABBA fan or you know you will surprise your guests with some of their songs, include in your wedding playlist the 15 most iconic pieces: the Swedes who conquered the discotheques in the seventies are back!

Exploit your creativity and increase your fun times with songs from TikTok, the social network that has surprised the world with its ease of producing short videos and launching its users to fame. Check out this music playlist.

Río Roma – My Favorite Person

Rosalía dedicates her ‘temazo’ to the guy who did so many bad things to her and asks «God forbid I should ever come back to your side». The Catalan takes refuge in her friends to forget the breakup. «Look how easy I’m going to tell you, this motomami is no longer for you». A lyric that speaks of heartbreak from the feminine power.

An ex whose name is unknown inspired this Adele album, of which «Rolling In The Deep» is considered one of the strongest revenge songs ever written. Passionately singing about her pain and letting her ex know that she should not be underestimated.

After her split from Carey Hart, Pink wrote this revenge song. There are several references to their relationship in the song in which she soars, enjoys her career and lets her ex know that he couldn’t handle her. This song became a message to other women, as well as becoming one of the best revenge songs of all time.

LOKERA – Rauw Alejandro x Lyanno x Brray (Official Video)

The clip begins with a bride in a limousine heading to the chapel where she is about to get married. As she is shown walking into the chapel, Arjona begins to sing as the guests sit on chairs in the chapel. Then, the bride is shown back next to the groom at the altar, ready to take the vows, as the chapel fills with guests. Next, scenes of Arjona playing the piano and singing along with scenes of the ceremony are interpolated, showing the behavior of the guests. Later, the guests are shown engaged in arguments and fights while Arjona keeps singing the chorus and verses of the song. As the fighting among the guests escalates, the groom rejects the bride and she, stunned, escapes from the chapel. It is then shown that it was all an illusion by the bride, and the newlyweds appear walking out of the chapel.[24] As of January 7, 2019, the video has reached over 143 million views on YouTube.[24]

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