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Among BTS’s long list of ARMY-listed achievements, the group that debuted in 2013 is the first in the K-pop genre to top Billboard’s Hot 100 chart thanks to their song «Dynamite» and they hold the Guinness World Record for the most viewers at a virtual concert.

Unlike South Korea’s major record labels, Big Hit Entertainment did not have the connections or money of the industry giants, so the label relied heavily on social media to promote the group.

The Internet is full of these kinds of mundane BTS moments: members cuddle in their sleep, eat, sit in cabs and joke with each other. They take a variety of forms: casual posts, live-streamed video diaries or produced episodes of their reality TV-like web show «Run BTS!».

«I think for some people it’s quite alienating to come across other K-pop (groups) … who know they’re a product of this rigorous training system that (they think) makes them a little less authentic,» Cho said. «BTS is quite different because their whole concept from the beginning was that they were going to be honest purveyors of the youth experience.»

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Need some help? The Meka Builders will be there to «plan, test and solve» using their robotic skills. Meka Elmo, Meka Cookie Eater and Meka Abby Cadabby are robot superheroes ready to solve problems in out-of-this-world situations – it might take them a few tries before they save the day!

With the Sesame Street app you can download series and episodes to watch on your device offline. Customize the site experience for your family and enjoy your favorite furry friends anytime, anywhere.

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Critics agreed that producers Keith Thomas and Guy Roche would turn Selena into a dance pop diva similar to pop artists like Janet Jackson (left) and Mariah Carey (right) but with a Latin twist.

EMI Latin and EMI Records wanted to transform Selena’s musical styles from Tejano and Latin Pop to R&B and Pop. The album shows that Selena had an instinctive ability to convey passion and feeling in its variety of forms and set the example in songs such as: «I Could Fall in Love», «Missing My Baby», and «Dreaming of You». Selena worked with Soft Rock, R&B and Pop for her song «I Could Fall in Love» while she does almost the same in «Captive Heart» which had a more Rock beat with hints of Electropop. «I Could Fall in Love» talks about being in a distant relationship that the other doesn’t know that she [Selena] is in love with him, she tries to have a relationship with him, following her heart, but wonders if he will like her so she decides not to tell him about her love. «Captive Heart» talks about a woman [Selena] who is being captivated and controlled by her partner and is so intense to let go and be free of her own emotions.

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From then until today, the band keeps on releasing techno and rock hits, being memorable the successful song Stop the rock (1999). Also composing and remixing soundtracks as in the movie and song Lost in space (1998).

Their styles vary between techno, trance and new beat. And they have a total of 2 albums, 5 singles and 1 mini album. The most famous and well-known song is Welcome to the 90’s (1992), song from the album Transforming Tune.

This was a Belgian house, new beat, tech house and electronic music band initially formed by Jo Bogaert who teamed up with vocalist Ya Kid K. Their first single as a band was Pump Up the Jam (1989), with which they also achieved worldwide fame.

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