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Songs of indio solari and the fundamentalists of air conditioning.

For me it’s a bit of drug paranoia. I wouldn’t call it about the drug experience -which in this case has another pretense- but it’s simply talking about when someone is adrift within that situation.

I’m talking about psychopathy, about paranoia, about all those evils of the average rock culture. Because this culture has gone through different stages like anything that is born, develops, grows… finishes itself off. There have been moments of plenitude, of euphoria, of politicization, of downturn, of introspection. All that has happened almost like a vital pulse and I believe that the songs that one makes -even if one doesn’t want to or even if one does it badly- give a picture of how certain things were lived in each moment.

For me the title is very significant. Because Ji-ji-ji is a kind of perverse laughter, it marks a two-dimensionality, it’s like everything you are saying is not an affirmation. Because if we have the knife on the table, it is simply a knife, it is neither good nor bad; cocaine is one thing, it is not the culprit of anything…

What is the meaning of Los Redondos Jijiji lyrics?

However, the song was written at the beginning of 1986 as a reference of addiction, but from this period until the publication and release of the album Oktubre (which included «Jijiji») the Chernobyl Accident occurred, which led the victims to ingest vodka until they died as a deceitful advice from the Soviet government.

What does ji ji ji ji mean?

Because Ji-ji-ji is a half-perverse laugh, it marks a two-dimensionality; it’s like everything he’s saying is no statement. Because if we have the knife on the table, it’s just a knife, it’s not good and it’s not bad; cocaine is one thing, it’s not the culprit of anything…».

Why doesn’t Indio Solari sing?

El Indio Solari leaves music for an indefinite period of time due to an illness. El Indio Solari has been forced to leave music for an indefinite period of time due to an illness that «is not cancer or AIDS». The former leader of Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota made the announcement in declarations to the radio station Vosterix.

Letras del indio solari

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Hi Fabricio, maybe when I finish with Fuerza Natural, since there is still half of Cerati Orígenes missing which is going to get really interesting, plus the closing of Teoría which is going to bring very important information.Saludos and thanks for leaving your comment!

Hi Sihomara, welcome, I was unaware of this information, thank you very much! Since we are talking about the topic Cactus, I can tell you that I have discovered more information about it to interpret this topic and it also has to do with the Mexican people, a land very dear to Gustavo Cerati.

In the resistance is all the hidalgo value of life that it means.

The group was originally formed by Luis María Canosa on vocals, Federico Moura on bass and backing vocals, Pinfo Garriga on guitar and Diego Rodríguez on drums, who was joined by Daniel Sbarra in 1968, bringing a second guitar to the band.

Luis María Canosa would die prematurely and would be remembered by Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota in the song «Toxi-Taxi», from the album La Mosca y la Sopa (1991), and later by Indio Solari himself in his solo stage in the song «Pabellón Séptimo (Relato de Horacio)», alluding to the tragedy.

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Así que encuentro una razón para afeitarme las piernas Cada mañana Así que cuento con alguien los viernes por la noche Para llevarme a bailar de nuevo A la iglesia los domingos Para plantar más árboles Y algún día pensar en los niños O tal vez sólo ahorrar un poco de dinero Estribillo: Youre the one I need El camino de vuelta a casa siempre es largo Pero si estás cerca de mí Me aferro Youre the one I need Mi vida real acaba de empezar Porque no hay nada como tu sonrisa hecha de sol En el mundo lleno de extraños Youre the one I know Así que aprendí a cocinar Y por fin perdí Mi fobia a la cocina Y así tengo los brazos para acurrucarme Cuando hay un fantasma o una noticia Que trae insomnio Para comprar más tangas Para escribir más canciones felices Siempre se necesita un poco de ayuda de alguien Estribillo 2X Youre the one I need Youre the one I need Youre my (??) ??) la vida real acaba de empezar Youre the one I need Youre the one I need Nada como tu sonrisa hecha de sol Nada como tu amor Nada como tu amor Nada como tu amor Nada como tu amor

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