A ver aver a ver cancion infantil

VENGAN A VER MI GRANJA – Canciones en español para

Esta es, con diferencia, la mejor colección de canciones españolas que he escuchado hasta ahora. La voz de Rosa León es relajante y la música es agradable, a diferencia de la mayoría de la música infantil española que hay por ahí, que no hace más que irritar el oído.

Dirijo un pequeño club de español para niños los sábados y quería comprar un cd de canciones infantiles en español. Este cd vino con el paquete correcto y tan pronto como lo puse en mi reproductor de CD el reproductor de CD mostró sólo 6 pistas, según el cd dice 24 pistas, también mientras se reproducía no había ninguna canción infantil en su lugar era un cantante español masculino. Estoy muy decepcionado con esta compra, esto me ha hecho desistir de comprar más en línea.

Songs for Kids in Spanish Vengan a Ver by Alina Celeste

Tell It Like a Woman is an anthology of seven stories, each led by women from different parts of the world. Performed by Colombian-born singer Sofia Carson, «Applause» earned Warren her 14th nomination for Best Original Song, a total that only seven other composers have achieved in Oscar history.

They may get complacent. The thing is, I never feel that way. My motto is, «Be a little smarter, work a little harder.» That’s my rule. What I always want to do is write better songs and improve my craft. I don’t go on vacation. I don’t say to myself, «Yes, I accomplished this» or «I’m ready now.» I’m more like, «Okay, what’s next?» I want to get through it. Maybe that’s part of it.

It was different than anything else I would have worked on. We were like a big family that has lost someone, and to sit there at the end of it all, when we’ve been through so much together, was a very cathartic experience.

Chandrabose: I’ve written 3,600 songs, and of those songs, this one has been nominated, which is a great achievement for me. Getting recognition in my homeland [Telangana, India] is different from getting recognition elsewhere, so I am very happy. Fingers crossed.

LEGO HANDS + other Children’s Songs with Katya and Dima

Q: You made some statements in an interview with another media about the undervaluation that young people feel, particularly you, when it comes to giving you less opportunities for the mere fact of being young and not for your potential, which is ultimately what is relevant in the matter. Do you consider that you keep in the same situation?

Adexe: For my part, working with my brother 90% of the time is very easy because in the end we have many of the same ideas and we get along very well. When we disagree, we say so and quickly find a solution. Of course, there are also days when you are in a slump and the last thing you want is for your brother to debate something with you. But in general it is a pleasure and a privilege that very few have.

Adexe: Then, working with César is super complicated… (laughs again). In truth, working with César is super easy because he adapts a lot to the others and to our preferences and, besides, he gives incredible ideas.

NewsElectro Latino Fest arrives to show off in Las VentasLess than a month to enjoy the first edition of the festival that mixes Latin and electronic music in equal parts in the capital.

The Farm

Need some help? The Meka Builders will be there to «plan, test and solve» using their robotic skills. Meka Elmo, Meka Cookie Eater and Meka Abby Cadabby are robot superheroes ready to solve problems in out-of-this-world situations – it might take them a few tries before they save the day!

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